Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's going down

It's going down

My brothers & sisters have you ever known the word content?
People are scared of dying, making them scared of living.
Don't be fooled by the state.
Don't be fooled by your brain.
Don't be fooled by what you see, or don't see.
Life is not what the state makes out to be.
I'm just a fool living out my destiny.
Do we get stronger or do we learn to live with the kiss.
Eternal bliss. Cosmic light, cosmic consciousness. I wish!
May we substitute material consciousness.
Don't be angry with me.
Don't wait for a time.
Act on humanity's behalf.
Look at what's going down.
Look at yourself.

It's time, to move on.
Revolution of the mind.
Revolution of our actions.
Do what you do, not for the money.
For the love of society.
Breaking down the centuries of slavery.
The system, governments, and the business that holds all the stings.
 Do you want to do something or just drift by?
Don't lose your mind, come live in peace.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Crisis of a different kind?
"Oh shit, I drop my scube! Man!
Fuck you!
Temper, temper mother fuck!
Alarms ringing, heads spinning.
Which way of knowing knowledge do you follow?
Language games. Narrative canons.
Subjectivity, objectivity,... jectivity?
Hazard signs all over.

X-men to be.
Mutation of your mind, world science.
Semiotics. The basics.
Coded representations.
Signs. Signs. Signs. Signs. Signs. Signs. Signs. Signs. Signs
Conventional codes. Unconventional cultural world.
Puppets of the master...
Mainstream ideology. Media sensation.
Grunge postmodern revolutionary utopian, no where!
Alternative forms. Alternative cultures.

A Yaqui way of knowledge.
Da shamans within.
Eternal syllables.
Lunar eye.
Aum. Mantra of time to time.
Holy sounds. Sing, the way of the scared.
Scriptures. Scriptures. Scriptures. Scriptures.

What is happening to our way of knowing? Human ego's running our world. Evolved are we? Are we the rules of our knowledge? Manufactured cultures. Salivary is a form of security. Minds are imprisoned by preconceptions. Conspiracy on da world. Paying mental rent to corporate presidents. Drug cartels imprisoning minds, stealing souls. All four? Disorder of the mind. Cultural anxiety. Myths. Monstrous, fiction, non0fiction, science-fiction. The future is here. Niet's 'superman' are on their way. Children of the light. Hopefully with supergirl standing, flying solo. Crisis of the body. Crisis of the mind. Crisis of all kinds

My brothers and sisters, have you ever known the word content?

Don't cross the line the maya lies on the other side.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Myths & Dissolutions


© By Jay-zee Lion mane 2010

Living in da urban sprawl of one of da world’s biggest cities is a delusion to reality. Paris is where I was born and where I’ll die. I hope so! Da place to be with all da fine shit here, there, everywhere. Da girls, fine, fine, fine... I’ll never leave da city. Well, not all of it, just the fifth ward. Growing in these big-arse commission flats, you have concrete engulf your soul. It’s not like most of us want to live here, but when you’re an immigrant relying on the government, you haven’t got too much of a choice. All of my brothers are immigrants: Aki’s Greek, Rob’s Asian, Haddad’s Lebanese, Link’s Maltese, Melt’s Dutch and Blade, da only one that’s a real Parisian. His Mum with whom he lives, is addicted to da gear. That’s what keeps them here. And me? I’m from not too far off-Belgium. In these areas you need da brothers, da brother-hoods. Most people in da flats hang out within their ethnic groups, but not us. We’re breaking down the ethnic barriers, holding up a mirror to multicultural society. It’s not for da money! I don’t know but that’s da way it is. We all went to school together and anyway it’s all good, at least I get to try all different types of food. Da ambition of everyone here is to get out of their cages, to da freedom of da outer suburbs where life is lived at a slower rate. Where greenness soothes your mind. That’s what they say, to da tunes of birds. I’ve always wanted to hear parrots sing.

Most of our time is spent hanging our days out at da skate park. We’re down da street, at your local, riding your B.M.X’s with, Link’s, Aki and da Rob, they’re all down.

-Jay-zee, watch this tailwhip over da table top, Link yells at me.

We all look, waiting to see him wipe-out. It’s always an honest laugh seeing someone wiping out, knowing, feeling da pain with them. Link’s a real shredder on da bike, he’ll try anything your mind can conjure. Blade rocks up looking real dosed up, out just in time to see da spectacle. This is standard for him due to his unconventional life-style. Blade walks da gangster life, to da American rap scene. He’s always got his walkman on to sounds of hard hitting niggers. He’s always rapping songs out at us with da swift movement of da hands. Sometimes he performs, that’s sweet for us due to da fact that he always gets us in da clubs for free. Man does he know some honeys.

-Hey Jay-zee, hey Rob, Aki. This is always accompanied with da traditional hand shake amongst us brothers.

It’s two o’clock on da swatch watch, no time to chill, hope to get a date... Da sun is out for once and Link is about to pull a tailwhip. We all start yelling.

-Do it! Don’t be no pussy-cato! You’ve got no ball in those sacks! Your Mum’s looking for... Stirring Link up.

Link starts rolling in for da fun box, pulls up da transition taking off to da damn sky. Flying past us doing his tailwhip, he lands four meters out on da down slope. Man he sticks it! Crazy! We all run over as if he has just won gold at da Olympics.

-That was huge! I’ve been trying that shit for months. Aki says.

-How did you do it?

-Too easy, Link replies with a smile up to his arse.

We all stay till night falls. Riding time by, trying to stay alive. I roll over to Blades spot to say,

-Blade, you should have seen this kid this morning trying a three-sixty. Wiped out big time, man he came down on his back. We had to call an ambulance. They said he broke his back or something. Harsh! Little dude.

Blade just looks at me rocking his head back and forth with a grin, eyes and lips moving. We all start winding down, hunger creeps into our minds.

-Let’s go eat some cats at Rob’s resto, Aki yells.

-No man, let’s go to your Mum’s house, she’s waiting for me in a G. I got her arse, Link yells out.

Aki jumps up, starts running Link down, super-Aki launches into da air landing on Link. They start punching each other out. Man this is better than da wrestling. It’s real! I storm in a traditional last run. I smith da grind box. Disaster da quarter and now for my final act I... will... launch a three-sixty off the fun box. I head for my bag, pick it up as da others grab their shit to start walking, rolling, whatever outa here. No time for television shows, you know! Aki and Link quickly catch up, laughing like mad nuts.

We all start whatever to Rob’s resto talking about this, that, that, this. Who pulled a tailwhip and all that bullshit. Blade informs da crew Melt’s having a party tonight at his girl’s house. We’ll go. Most definitely, we’re there.

-It’s too far to Rob’s shop. Let’s eat here, Link says as we arrive at a Quick.

-Why not, it’s just as shmick as eating cats! Aki reinforces, copping an accompanying punch to da arm from Rob.

We all walk in, and line up in perfect formation; it’s always packed in these fast food places.

-Do you know how they get their meat for da patties? I ask anyone around...

-No. Cut cows into patties! I don’t know? They all reply except for Aki who’s at da end of da line checking out these chicks, trying to spark a conversation with them.

-They buy da bones from da abattoirs, put them in these huge pots. Boil da bones, then da meat that’s left on da bones rises to da top of da pots. They scoop da boiled meat, and compress it into patties.

-Shut up man! We’re just about to eat this shit! Thanks brother! That’s great. They all yap out at me.

All of a sudden we all get sprayed with water. Looking to da sky for rain! We turn to see Aki on da floor with a fire hose fumbling through his hands going crazy, spraying everyone in da shop. We run for cover, yelling for room to move. It’s like those war films you see; people running everywhere from da spray off... water. All this action going down while Aki tries to stop da hose. He manages to stop it but not before it has spayed several customers and given da inside of da shop a once over. Da manager comes out yelling at Aki. Aki tries to explain that it was an accident, while we’re on da floor laughing our lungs out. Da manager scolds da kid. Aki’s embarrassed, but coolly says,

-If you want, I’ll clean it up?

Da manager tells him to leave and calls over an employee to clean Aki’s mess. We walk out laughing. Aki walks out nice and slow looking at da girls with a smirk.

-And now for my next trick, I’ll disappear.

He puts his two arms together like superman to fly out da shop. I can see these girls giggling in approval or just at Aki.

-What happened Aki? We ask.

-I was just leaning against da hose. Da latch got turned. Man, that was funny.

-This reminds me of that time we rode our bikes through Mc Donald’s. Do you remember Link? I say.

-Yeah, that was a crack up.

-It was Link, Aki and me. Aki, you went second. Again being da lucky one, falling over in da middle of da shop. Man, you’re a comedian. You’ve topped yourself this time Aki, said I.

We get to Rob’s shop starving. Straight to our standard spot. Rob’s Mum comes over to say hi and take our order. I love Asian food, especially da duck. We always come out with a sore stomach from eating too much and our pockets full from not paying enough. We quickly eat to da traditional sounds of Asia. Food flying around as we eat, swap, spit out words here and there. Mess on da table, a sign of approval.

-So are we going to Melt’s party or what? Blade asks.

-For sure we’ll go! There’ll be some nice chicks. Melt’s always got nice babies around him. I don’t know how? Link states.

We finish our food and start to move slowly on to Melt’s party.

-Blade, where’s it at? Asks Aki.

-I don’t know. I’ll ring and find out. Blade gets on da dial and speaks to da man. When blade tells us where it’s at we all look at each other, knowing what it means. Melt is having da party in da Arab area of town. It’s one hard place if you’re not Arab.

-Hey, let’s go see if Haddad wants to come down, says Rob.

-Ah, let’s get Haddad. Yeah, we all reply.

Haddad might come in handy if we have any trouble with his fellow country-men. We all head back towards da fifth ward to get Haddad. Going through da waste lands between da buildings we get harassed by all da dealers. Blade knows most of them; they’re his Mum’s friends.

-Hey I’ll meet up with youse here. Youse go get Haddad, Blade says going off with this guy.

I tell da others I want to go home and get my chronic for da party and drop Sabbath, my bike, off. I have a few plants in my room so I don’t have to waste my cash on da shit. Something that should be free anyways. But hey, I’m not da one who makes da rules. There are people who make da rules and there are people who break them. I’m just trying to live by my rules and survive in this jungle. Civilised my arse!

We all meet up at da bottom of da flats, ready to go party it up. We’re all there with our Lebanese connection. Blade rocks up with a Bob Marley scube.

-Look what I found, he says passing it around.

We’re off to a fine start. It’s nine o’clock as we head down to da metro, jump on da train that will take us to da sixth ward. On da train we’re all zoned out, staring at all da ads on da walls trying to sell you anything, everything. What propaganda! I thought Goebbels was bad! But these ads are also selling false hope. I see this ad trying to sell Nike Air Jordan’s, COME FLY WITH ME, it says. Does this mean I’ll fly too like Michael? And there’s this other ad selling phones with this bomb babe. Does this mean if I get da phone I get da girl too! How soon after da purchase will I get a girlfriend like that?

-Hey Aki, did you know every year each American watches an average of 1,550 hours of TV, listens to 1,160 hours of radio, spends 180 hours reading and 110 hours reading magazines.

-Bullshit man! How do you know that shit?

-It says it right here on this piece of paper.

-Give me a look. There’s this fellow last month that pulled a .22 pistol to da head of this guy. Pulled da trigger and walked off with a new pair of shoes. Nikes I think!

-Amazing how advertising creates greed and envy, playing with peoples emotions. We’re living in a society where people will work their arse off so they can buy luxury goods. Social status is defined by how much you own. It’s unreal to see people kill or steal or work for money, always wanting more so others can envy them. Is it da way we’re educated? Or what? The only freedom we have is to buy. Buy all this shit!

-I don’t know. All sounds tech to me, Aki says throwing da piece of paper on da floor. So much for thinking!

-We’re all mice manipulated by cultural meanings. To move to da beat of power, I say. Fuck da power! Fight da power!

-Hey we’re here, Link says getting up.

We emerge out from da underground metro-maze to see St. James Tower peering down on us with its primitive wild style Gothic curves.

We get to da building with no trouble. Letting da music guide us to da front door of flat number thirteen. We can hear da music beating away at da people inside. We all walk in to find Melt rolling a scube with his girls by his side.

-So you finally made it! I know I forgot to tell you but it was a last minute thing, says Melt.

-That’s cool. Whatever man. Roll that shit, we all reply.

We all settle into da atmosphere, to start partying, rolling, having fun.

-Link, I say. Did you see that fine fox!

Link does not notice I am speaking to him, he’s too busy talking to Blade. I listen to what they’re saying.

-Let’s get down to this beat, Link says as they both start break dancing. This is a habit of theirs. I can’t break but man it looks sick and everyone loves seeing it go down, around, upside down on da ground. Da night falls fast. We end up on da couch kicking back, watching people fade out. Link comes storming in yelling

-Melt! There’s some chicks in da bathroom shooting up!

We all hear what he says. Blade jumps up, storms to da bathroom. We all go after him knowing there’s going to be trouble. Blade slams da door open to find two girls, one pulling a needle out of her arm. Blade goes in, picks one of da girls up to push her out da door. I feel something sharp pierce my skin.

-What da fuck was that, I say falling to da side.

Da two girls start running for da door with Blade hot on their heels. I hear Blade say,

-Take your shit! What da fuck are youse doing?

I look at where da pain is coming from to see a needle in my arm. This can’t be happening!

-Shit! What da fuck is this! I say in confusion.

-Man are you alright Jay-zee? Melt asks.

I just look up at him in disbelief. What just happened? Not me! No! Blade comes back to find me on da floor with a needle in one hand and a pale ale face of death looking at him.

-Are you alright? Did you get stung by da needle? Did you?

I just nod.

-Shut up Blade you stupid fuck, Melt says pushing Blade out da way.

-I’m going to kill those girls! I swear they’re dead! Blade says running out da door with Link behind him. I don’t know what to say or do. Melt picks me up, takes da needle and sits me down on da sofa. No one says anything as I just sit there thinking why? I didn’t even do anything to those girls? Blade, it’s all Blade’s fault! Why didn’t he get stung? Man, what! This can’t be happening! Da night is over for me. All over! Even my life, maybe? One by one they drop like flies for da night. I stay on da couch looking into infinity and beyond, to my new issue.

Da night is long and I can’t really sleep with all these thoughts, questions going through my head. What am I to do? How long will I live? Should I go to da hospital? Should I kill Blade? I sit on da couch next to Rob who looks dead comfortable. As I move over to get a smoke I accidentally bump Rob. I look at him to see if I woke him. He looks at me like I just did da worst thing possible. All of a sudden he jumps up and smiles at me.

-Jay-zee! Man. It was like God spoke to me. I had a vision. It was like a better world where everyone was happy. Where you can do whatever, everyone had food, a home, happy. No stress, no stems, no seeds. Utopia man! No place?

I have never heard Rob speak so much in da morning before. This is big.

-Sounds like heaven, it would be sick. This gets me thinking about my problem.

-I’m not going to get a blood test. I don’t want to know if I’ve got any crazy shit in da system. I’m going to go on a crusade, spread da word. Open people’s minds about what is going on in this world. The politicians. The wars. The greed. Where’s the money? The propaganda. I’m going to spread minds, crack heads in two. I know what I’m going to do. Live life, don’t care why. I know what I’m going to do! I get up to go, but Rob grabs my arm to pull me back down.

-That sounds fine ma man but wait for da others to wake up. We’ll all go get something to eat before you go crusading. You need fuel!

I wake da others up to tell them it’s time to move on, get something to eat. All I get is murmurs. After some time they all submerge from their holes. We say goodbye to all da fine ladies still sleep-side.

-Man, that was one spaced out tripped doozey of a Melt jam, says Aki. He always has da right words to express himself.

We go to da bakery for some croissants. This is standard after party food for da soul. We eat in da metro on our way home, talking about da night and da things we did. Da things we don’t remember doing and da things we should have done. I can see that no one wants to talk about what happened to me. It is like putting a puzzle together, getting da whole picture but I know my picture and da puzzle it paints. We get to our stop and head for our concrete fortresses. Everyone is already moving too fast for most of us at this time of da day, three pm. We all look at each other. Melt says he’s had it for now and is going home to sleep.

-That sounds good. I’m going too, Link, Haddad and Aki say. Deciding it is all too much, too early to roll on.

-We’ll meet up later, they say walking off to their cribs.

I am left with Rob; he knows that I’m not going to go to sleep. I haven’t got all my life in front of me! No time to waste, got no date.

-Are you going home too? I ask.

-Are you?

-No, I’m going to go bomb da word on da street. You don’t have to come you know! Rob looks at me saying,

-Let’s go do what we do best, cause chaos my friend.

Off to my flat we go to pick up some cans and prepare ourselves for da first adventure of da day. We have a drink, rest a little. My mum walks in, tells us that we have to go vote today, it is election day. We never vote because we hate all da politicians and what they stand for. This is not a democracy when you have to vote for da same parties over and over again and they never do da job properly anyways.

-Do you know why we have politicians? I ask.

-I don’t know? Piss everyone off! Mum and Rob say.

-That’s just part of it. The royalty got sick of hearing da working class complaining all da time, so they put politicians in between to buffer all da bullshit going down. Politicians aren’t shit, they’re just puppets played by the royalty and da very rich. Marxist notion of ruling class, ruling culture is so true. We’re formed by cultural meanings and we are transmitters of culturally given meaning. They’ve changed our assembly point. Rather than being expressers of our world, we are expressions of a dominant culture.

-Is that right! Says Mum.

-Those politicians, man they don’t give a shit! I remember when I visited my cousins in da country, there’s this turn where about five people have died. They worked on da road! All they did was make da road wider, that’s it, Rob states.

-That’s how governments operate. Do little things at a time so people don’t complain, Mum adds.

-What I don’t understand is why don’t they fix da road properly da first time. No - they’ll wait till more people die! Says Rob.

-They don’t want to spend too much money and kill all da work. It’s a long term thing and if a project takes a few times to do, it will cost more and that’s a good excuse to scam some more tax off us poor bastards, or if they’re not re-elected it’s not their problem anymore.

-That sounds dodgy to me, brother Jay-zee!

-They’re worse than da mafia. They’re the legal mafia. At least with da mafia they do da job properly. The government just argues amongst themselves and work on election strategies. They’re always behind da private sector, securing the election money.

-They should shoot politicians that do a half cooked job! Rob laughs out.

-I think it’s time to go Rob.

-Yeah let’s blow this... My Mum looks at us

-Where are you going? You have to go vote, you know!

-That’s where we’re going, to have our say. Pick my bag up and walk on out da door to freedom. Ride da elevator down, ground side.

-So what are you going to write?

-I don’t know! I’ll think of something. It’ll come when I’ll be doing da do. Divine inspiration.

We start walking around looking for a place that will get a lot of coverage.

-Hey man, what about that billboard? It’s looking over da freeway. Rob points out.

-That’s it!

We start to climb da structure. I get to da top. Start thinking while Rob looks out for five-os around. I stare at da board for some time. Then look down at Rob who is supposed to be looking out for chops.

-Man, what are you doing? I’m looking nothing like five-o you know!

-I know. I want to see what you’re going to write.

With a shake of da can I start to write;

-Paying mental rent to corporate presidents. Drug cartels imprisoning our minds, stealing our souls. Revolution. It is time. Awaken, awaken. Sleepers awaken. Capitalism is stopping you from freedom. Commercialisation of da mind. Free your back of what you’ve bought. Free your mind of preconceptions.

-Man that’s deep purple, Rob states as I end.

We get out of there real quick. Fast like.

-So where’re we going next? That’s alright what I wrote? I told you it would come out.

-No shit, that’s like prophecy. It sounds like scripture! Can we go sleep now?

-We’ll hit one more spot. Then we can go.

We start thinking of something that will top da last spot. We walk around and around and around. When all of a sudden we see da two junkie girls that fucked my life up. I look at them with anger in my eyes trying to control my rage against da chicks. There is five guys with them all looking straight out. I start walking towards them not realising my actions. Rob slowly clicks on to what’s going to go down. By da time he grabs my arm da two girls realise who we are.

-Hey man, what are you doing? Not a smart move Jay-zee, time to bail.

I look at Rob for a minute realising we are going to get our arses rearranged hard. It is never a good idea to get into a fight with less people, even worse is bumping into junkies that haven’t had their fix. We start walking da other way but they have seen us. Da girls start yelling at us to stop.

-There’s those guys that threw our gear. Let’s get those fuckers!

Our legs move faster, faster till we break into a run for our money. Running for our lives, knowing that we’d be in for an enjoyable time. Around da corner we see a group of tourists going into a building. We follow da crowd, trying to blend in. Hiding behind da masses we see da junkies running by like mad dogs running after a ball, drooling from da mouth.

-Man that was a shaved pussy. Real close, says Rob brushing his hand through his hair.

By this time we are moving into the building with this crowd.

-What’s this place? I ask Rob.

We look around to find some clues.

Le Monde, is printed on da wall.

-Hey man let’s go in and change an article, I say.

-Are you serious? How are you going to do that?!

-We’ll keep going with this tour. When we get to da printing room I’ll go and try to change an article on da computer. It shouldn’t be that hard!

-Man, can we go home, sleep after this one?!

-If we do this I’ll leave you alone for years.

-Let’s do that shit then...

We stay with da tourists trying to be inconspicuous, till we get to what we think is da printing room.

-Is this it? Rob nods either way. You have to cause a diversion so I can get to a computer Rob!

-What to do!? Rob says with a look of intent.

-I don’t know! Think of something. Fuck man, we’re in a revolution!


I leave da group, heading for da computer. I have to get over there. I have to! All of a sudden I hear an alarm. Rob’s yelling,

-Fire. Fire.

Everyone starts running around like there’s really an emergency. I head for da computer while everyone else is going da opposite way.

-Where are you going? A lady asks me.

I just look at her, yelling.

-Fire. Fire, waving my hands all over da place like an orang-utan. She must think I’m crazy! Leaving me to go my way. I finally get to da computer and hide under da desk till everyone’s gone. I look around, not seeing anyone I start tapping into da system, changing da first thing I see on da screen. I hope this works! Is this how you do it! I don’t know! Man. I’m writing my message at da end of this article. Press enter. Throw da key board. Start running for da door, when all of a sudden I feel this hand on my shoulder.

-What are you doing here?

I turn to see security. I punch him in da stomach, which allows me to run off. I look around to see what, how da f... Fireman, cops all over da floor start after me, yelling.

-Stop! I’ll shoot!

I just keep on running for da exit. I feel a pinch at da back of my leg. Down, down I go. Going down, I crash. All the cops, fireman bum-rush my...

-Don’t move! You’re dead! And so on and on and on it goes... Da handcuffs go on as I see da edge of a batten heading for my...

Ow man. What! Where am I? I sit up. Look around. It looks like a bloody hospital. Man my head! My leg! Shit, I’m in bloody hospital! I hate hospitals! Goddamn. A hot nurse walks in. Never too sick, smashed to notice a fine lady close by.

-So, how are you feeling? I’m asked.


-The doctors got the bullet out and your head’s fine. It’s just a bump, there’s nothing wrong with you. You’ll be fine in a few days.

-Nothing at all? I ask in surprise.

-Nothing, except that you have to go to the police station when you’re better.

-Nothing serious at all? What about my blood? Is my blood... is... my...

-Blood. Yes, you still have a lot of blood left! We do a blood test when patients come in for an operation. Why?

-Do you check for any related diseases?

-Yes. Why? Is there something you want to tell me?

-Nothing, I think to myself, Yes! That is da best news I’ve heard in my life. Throwing my fist in da air! Grab da stunning nurses hand to kiss it. Da nurse looks at me funny but I don’t care. Yeah, I’m alright! Da nurse gives me one of those smiles that turn you on. Then strut’s her stuff out, turns around at da door to say.

-Your friend is here! Do you want to see him now?

-For sure! Let him in. Let him in!

I see Rob walking in with a newspaper under his arm and some f... flowers, da nice puff.

-Ow man, what a fox! Rob says looking her way as she disappears.

-No shit, I reply.

-You’re one crazy dude! Dude! I got this morning’s paper for you.

He hands da paper over. I start looking through it for da words of da prophet.

-Man! I can’t find it! I hope it’s in here! Is it here or what Rob? I look depressingly at Rob.

Ring, ring, ring, Rob’s mobile goes off.

-Yellow. Hey I’m at the hospital da La Salpetriere with Jay-zee. He got shot yesterday. No. No shit! Come down I’ll fill you in here. I’ll tell you when you come down! Go tell his parents and bring them down... Over and out.

-Da boys are coming down, Rob informs me.

-This is it! I found da shit! Ha, ha mother f...

-Read it out you revolutionist.

-Sex is free on TV. Dozens infected. Numbers fucking. Governments lie, real sly. Numbers high, deadly virus flies. Was it man made, to keep us in line? Human test, religious mess. Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad are all fly. Open your mind to da freedom of social constraints. Cultural games, preconception is a form of slavery. Are we free! I don’t think so! Whoever tells you you’re free is your enemy! Go see!

-You did it! You sick cunt, mo-fo! Kicking some arse. We’ll have to do it all again! Rob says as our traditional hand shake goes down in a big way. Then he grabs da newspaper.

We sit in silence feeling da buzz. Da high you get after accomplishing something shmick. And my health, fuck yeah! I’m going to be okay. I can live again!

-Hey, where’s da cop killer? What where youse up to? What’s going down Don Collioni?

Da brothers are here to hear of a tale. See da work of a master sick cunt on a mission, fulfilling a vision. Seeing what a little sting can make you do. Times flies with all this movement around my bed. Talk da talk, we are. About what’s going down with our BMX styling tricks. What we’re going to hit, destroy next time out. Da vibe rolls on till we are asked to disperse as visiting time has left.

-No way! I’m not leave you JJ, Aki says to all present.

Rob grabs Aki by da arm, pulling him out of here. I smile at da posse doing its thing. Chaos rules, brothers in arms.

-See you when you’ve stopped acting like a crazed freak. Getting shot up and all, Rob tells me.

My parents have been sitting there in silence due to da fuckin fact that my friends are so noisy. I get a big kiss from my parents on their way out.

-Look after yourself. Don’t do anything like that again, Mum orders.

-Alright. I’ll try to stay focused.

-Isn’t that beautiful! I hear Aki say near da door way.

-I think I need a kiss too, Rob says taking da piss out of me. I look at da movement leaving me. No way! I’m all alone.

I sit there re-evaluating my future. What I’m going to do with my time. Shit! I had it all planned! Crusade da city till I’m dead, then undergo decomposition. Decay back to nothingness. Man, now I have to think of some other plan of attack. A plan that will... will... will... help me sleep on it. I don’t want to keep doing that shit job I’ve got! Fuck that paper chasing shit job! I need something that will fulfil me. I’m falling assllleee...

Lights! Where am I... Bloody hospital. Fuckin bullet in da leg. I wonder how long I have to stay in this immense coffin?

-Nurse! Nurse. I’m having a seizure!

I press da button for some reassurance of my future prospects and to know when I’m a free man again. Well free, I don’t know about free. Free walking! But out of here will be da beginning of a new me. Da turning point in my life that will... I don’t know, do something to my style! I hope my riding goes through some form of transformation too. I still want to spread minds with some rap, in your face reality. I should try and write a poem now. Got nothing else to do. I grab da piece of paper and pen that’s lying next to my bed. I sit wondering about freedom, life, da world, my life to be. My life. I start to write da title;


Da sun jumps over my head. I’m still in bed.

Da night is da best of friends or your end.

I wish I knew how to find that cosmic girl, travelling around da world.

So fine, fair hair. I hope!

Time, like an ever rolling stream.

Going every which way but yours.

It’s not always your day.

I’m so tried of going, there’s no way of knowing.

Free loafing, free J is going.

There’s no way of knowing.

I’m not alone.

People I love, people I feel.

I’m free, thanks to me.

In a bad spot, in a bad sting.

Da cold. Da dark. Da storm’s going past.

I’ve seen so many kinds.

Getting me on a high.

Free flowing.

Goodness only gets better surrounded by this heaven.

To all da people who have a heart, don’t let go.

It’s hard to know or even fall in...

Dream of a world that makes your world.

Right on time.

In step with da music.

In line with da sun.

Connection of two minds.

Flowing for all time.

Da heart is da answer.

Da answer to da mind.

Surrender to da feeling of love...

Where’s that f... hot nurse! I need to get out of here!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Claim to fame without a name

Well, now that the browser on my computer has well and truly retired (without any offer of redundancy) or any consideration of how it will pay the bills (I am charging it interest for this sudden lack of irresponsibility), I have had a long absence from my blogging.  Here's my claim: D8SKWZNDP4X5.  And I stand by it - despite my lack of blogging action.  With that in mind its time to say au revoir!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Here's what I mean

If you still don't get the picture, watch Fear of a Black Hat, this is spinal rap for the whole story.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I'm gonna be posting some radical, free thinking, flowin' shit. Stay tuned; I hope you post in, to take in - some poetry.

I will be bringing it to you's through the genre grunge/social critique in the arts of social black - Fear of a Black Hat: This is Spinal Rap. Cause they know whats going on!